come correct

because black feminist sex is the best sex ever...this site was created by those of us having and committed to having transformative erotic experiences with/as black feminists. (and both! oh both!!!!!!)

this is also a wake up call to anyone who insists on intimacy without accountability, condones violence against black women, or refuses to be transformed by the ecstatic miracle that black women exist. you are seriously missing out.

come correct.
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Okay, MRAs: It's Time To Get Some Shit Straight [tw: rape, rape culture]

Creep Shaming: Women having the right to choose who they want associating with them instead of you being able to force them to flirt with you, even when they are uncomfortable.
Slut Shaming: When a woman is punished by society for not adhering to their morality, up to and including being blamed for their own rape.
Male Circumcision: A common medical procedure that, while unnecessary, causes no lasting harm.
Female Circumcision: The brutal mutilation of women's genitals that often leaves them unable to feel sexual pleasure.
Having An Abortion Despite The Father's Disagreement: A woman deciding that because she's the one who will be carrying the fetus for nine months, have to take time off of work, face societal scorn and bear the majority of the child care, she gets to decide what she wants in her uterus because she's a big girl and can make life-altering decisions all by herself.
Choosing To Carry A Pregnancy To Term Despite The Father's Disagreement: See above.
Being Drafted: Something that hasn't happened in forty years
Being Seen As A Potential Rapist: Not being allowed to force your company on a woman despite her discomfort. Probably sucks..
Viewing Every Man As A Potential Rapist: A self-preserving technique used to guard your safety and comfort level.
Men Being Expected To Always Make Sure They Have Consent: A courtesy that can protect you from being a rapist
A Woman Wanting A Man To Confirm Her Consent: A way to assure that you both know your limits so that you aren't put in a situation where you go further than you are comfortable with.
Men Making 75/90% of the Homeless Rate: <a href="">Just not fucking true.</a> While men make up 67% of homeless singles, women make up to 65% of those with families. When you combine it, you'll find that in fact, that while men DO make up the majority of the homeless population, it is no where near as drastic as you believe but rather 58.5%.
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