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because black feminist sex is the best sex ever...this site was created by those of us having and committed to having transformative erotic experiences with/as black feminists. (and both! oh both!!!!!!)

this is also a wake up call to anyone who insists on intimacy without accountability, condones violence against black women, or refuses to be transformed by the ecstatic miracle that black women exist. you are seriously missing out.

come correct.
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The clitoris

is 9 cm deep
in the pelvis.

Most of it scrunched & hidden.

New studies show
the shy curl
to be longer
than the penis,
but like Africa,
the continent,
it is never drawn
to size.

Mapmakers, and others, who draw
important things for a living,
do not want us to know this.

In some females,

the clitoris stretches,
8 in,
with 2 to 3.5
in, shaft free,
outside the body.

The longest clitoris of record
has been found in the blue whale.

In water
desire can rise,
honor sea levels,
ignore land-locked

In water,
desire refuses retreat.

- nikki finney, the clitoris. (via black-poetry)

(via wrcsolace)

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