come correct

because black feminist sex is the best sex ever...this site was created by those of us having and committed to having transformative erotic experiences with/as black feminists. (and both! oh both!!!!!!)

this is also a wake up call to anyone who insists on intimacy without accountability, condones violence against black women, or refuses to be transformed by the ecstatic miracle that black women exist. you are seriously missing out.

come correct.
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Phrase of the day, my fellow fat folks: TREAT YO SELF!


What ever y’all want to do, go ahead and fuckin do it because you are an awesome individual who deserves nice things happening to you.


A mani/pedi?

New shirt/dress/pair of jeans/skirt?

A nice home cooked meal?

New sex toy for some self love sessions?

Lessons for that one activity you wanted to try but never thought you could?

Bottom line:


Stay fabulous, fat people.

Stay fabulous.

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