come correct

because black feminist sex is the best sex ever...this site was created by those of us having and committed to having transformative erotic experiences with/as black feminists. (and both! oh both!!!!!!)

this is also a wake up call to anyone who insists on intimacy without accountability, condones violence against black women, or refuses to be transformed by the ecstatic miracle that black women exist. you are seriously missing out.

come correct.
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Colored Girls Hustle Blog: “On Her Hustle” Interview Series | February 2013: Arielle Loren, Founder, CORSET Magazine


Good sex and intimacy make me more productive. But more than that, I’m very much in my sensuality as I work. I rarely have clothes on. I’m always meditating and listening to my body for guidance on my business decisions. And I recognize the mind-clearing power of orgasms. So my love life, sensuality, and sexuality all feed my businesses in really positive ways. I have no intention to ever do business without them.”


“On Her Hustle” is a monthly series of interviews with women of color artists, entrepreneurs, healers and activists who hustle hard for our communities. Colored Girls Hustle uses this series to amplify the work, talent, and passions of other women and girls of color. Click here

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